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About Clamps, Inc.

Clamps, Inc. Building

Clamps, Inc. was founded in 1957 by the late Walter F. Riker with the design and subsequent patent of a heavy-duty guillotine style exhaust clamp used in the heavy-duty truck and off-road equipment markets. The guillotine style clamp has been a great success and is still recognized worldwide for its quality and value.

The success of the guillotine style clamp and Clamps, Inc. didn't happen by chance. Years of dedicated effort by the Riker family and the employees of Clamps, Inc. past and present, have made the company a world leader in the heavy-duty exhaust clamp marketplace.

In 1991, the direction of the company changed and new goals were set with a structured plan for the long term growth of the company. The plan with a goal to diversify the company, products and services offered was initiated. While this challenge has been an on-going effort at Clamps, Inc., the many successes achieved to date have been monumental.

Paramount among these successes has been in the area of our commitment to our quality systems program. Our program has been instituted to help insure to our customers they will receive quality products each and every time they receive a shipment. In February of 1999, Clamps, Inc., through a third party audit achieved certification to the standards set-forth in ISO 9001. As of October 2008 Clamps Incorporated has successfully achieved PDF ANSI/ISO/ASQ ISO 9001 Certification (PDF - 112 KB). With this certification along with the subsequent required surveillance audits conducted by AQA, we feel we can assure our customers that the quality systems in use in our quality program will stay on the leading edge.

Today, Clamps, Inc. is a recognized leader in the exhaust clamp marketplace offering our customers a complete line of exhaust clamp products, u-bolt clamps, band style clamps.

Clamps, Inc. through our DiversifieD products group is also playing a leading role in the industrial grade specialty bent bolt market, wire forms and specialty stampings, supplying major customers in the heavy-duty trucks, off-road equipment, agricultural and industrial markets.

Diversified Products Group

Diversified Products Group manufactures and distributes nationwide, high quality custom industrial grade bent bolts, wire forms and stampings. The company comes by its high standards naturally. Diversified is part of Clamps Incorporated, makers of quality clamp products for the heavy-duty truck, off-highway, agricultural, and industrial markets since 1957. DiversifieD Products Group builds on that tradition by delivering consistent quality, versatile products at a high level of customer service.

Our quality begins with the standards we set for ourselves. Our QMS certified to ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2008 results in consistent products, order after order. We purchase American-made materials and manufacture all products at our Toledo, Ohio facility. We take pride in our product versatility and manufacturing flexibility. That expertise allows us to say that DiversifieD Products Group can make a bolt to fit almost any application. Manufacturers use DiversifieD products in the automotive, heavy-duty truck, off-highway equipment, agricultural and industrial markets.

We manufacture each of our standard and metric bolts to customer specifications. High production machinery allows us to straighten, cut, thread and form raw wire in a single operation, saving customers both time and money. On this equipment, we produce, special bent bolts, wire forms and threaded studs in wire sizes ranging from 1/4"ø through 5/8"ø. For smaller production runs, we use a computer-controlled rotary former to bend wires, rods, tubing, flat and shaped stock in a variety of materials and sizes. We are also one of the few u-bolt manufactures that can also offer coined/flattened u-bolts in a complete range of materials and thread sizes.

We offer our products in steel or for more corrosive environments, stainless steel. We can also apply a variety of coatings that increase the corrosion resistance. Customer options include clear or yellow zinc with or without a super-seal coating, zinc iron phosphate, chrome plating, e-coat, and powder coat paint. We also offer parts coated with Sermagard® a corrosion-resistant aluminum-filled ceramic coating that withstands temperatures up to 1200° F.

In addition to custom bolts and wire forms, DiversifieD's manufacturing background and expertise includes stamping services, utilizing press equipment up to 400 tons. On this equipment we produce a wide variety of customer specified products utilizing standard and progressive dies. Our facilities also houses an Engineering/CAD department and tool and die department manned with skilled and experienced personnel where we engineer, develop, and produce a wide variety of tooling fixtures and jigs for customer and in-house use. Our manufacturing diversity makes us one of the few one-stop service oriented manufacturers who can produce and supply a wide variety of formed metal products, which can also help keep your costs down, and minimize your vendor base.

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