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Custom Packaging, Printing and UPC Labeling

We are pleased to announce our latest advancement in packaging for our customers. With the addition of our new packaging equipment we can now offer to our customers a variety of improved printing options as well as improved sealing and shelf life. The number of improvements over the cold seal paper packaging are endless!

Some of the new features include:

New polyethylene packaging for a superior seal!
Product stays in the packaging no matter what the conditions! A common problem with the cold glue seal packaging is it's susceptibility to humidity, heat, cold, and dusty/oily conditions. Our new packaging eliminates all concerns with the paper type packaging.

New packaging material for improved strength and shelf life!
Our new packaging provides a stronger package and one that will not deteriorate on the shelf like the paper style packaging.

New custom printing options right on the package!
With our new system customers can order custom printing options such as custom part numbers and company logos. The options are almost limitless with our new printing system and the printing is applied directly to the package.

New UPC bar-coding options!
Just as above with custom printing we can now offer custom UPC labeling for our customers. This is a big feature for our customers, this helps with inventory control and the UPC again is printed directly on the packaging. Combine this with custom printing and logos to create your own completely custom packaging.

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Standard package sizes are 7" and 9" wide
(Other sizes may be available depending on quantity)

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