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Clamps, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer ofAutomotive & Heavy Duty Muffler Clamps,Stainless Steel Band Clamps, Industrial Grade U-bolts, Industrial Grade Custom Bent Bolts & Custom Stampings

3/8' U Bolt Round Clamps3/8" U Bolt Round
These clamps provide a complete 360 degree heavy duty seal to surpass all of your needs
3/8' U Bolt Flat Clamps3/8" U Bolt Flat
The flattened U-bolt is very popular with heavy duty applications as it minimizes distortion to the tube during installation
5/16' U Bolt Round Clamps5/16" U Bolt Round
This unique clamp offers a lightweight alternative with outstanding strength and sealability
1/4' U Bolt Round Clamps1/4" U Bolt Round
Used in applications ranging from heating and cooling to light industrial, this is a small clamp to fit all of your big needs
Band ClampsBand
These clamps are designed for maximum stretch providing tight take up on installations
Custom Manufactured Bent Bolts Custom Manufactured Bent Bolts
  • Round U-Bolt
  • Square U-Bolt
  • V-bolt
  • Round J-Bolt
  • Square J-Bolt
  • Straight Bolt
  • Anchor Bolt
  • Wide range of finishes
Custom Progressive & Single Die Stamping Custom 
Progressive & Single Die Stamping
  • 75 to 400 Ton Press Rating
  • Parts up to .3125" thick
  • ±.015" tolerance
  • $300 dollar minimum order
  • Assembly, powder coating, plating & welding
  • Low Grade Steel & Stainless Steel
Why you should purchase your clamps and stampings from Clamps, Inc. Why you should purchase your clamps and stampings from Clamps, Inc.

Clamps Inc. is the premier manufacturer of u-bolt style muffler clamps, band clamps, stampings, wire forms and industrial u-bolts for the automotive, off road equipment, heavy duty truck and a large variety of industrial markets. Having been founded in 1957, we currently provide 70% of the heavy duty truck market, both OEM and aftermarket, with their u-bolt clamp requirements. Clamps, Inc. maintains PDF ISO 9001 Certification.